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Do you STILL want to relocate to the UK as Healthcare Assistant? WATCH THIS! Career change at 30

  like my first day i was in oh i was shocked at  the level of personal care and how personal the   personal care was for me i did not need english  proficiency tests that's one of the great sites   to apply for within changing career comes with  different benefits and challenges especially   when you are changing career as well as changing  locations in today's video i've got a wonderful   content creator with me who will be sharing with  us some of our experiences with changing careers   in the united kingdom please welcome with me sola  lucy but before we do that if you are new on the   channel hello my name is victoria also known  as the nigerian thank you so much for stopping   by i hope you stay if you like this video please  make sure that you give it a thumbs up leave me a   comment below share this video and let me know if  you've got more questions in the comments section   so without further ado i welcome tala into  this conversation hello you're welcome

Compliance & Emerging Technology in Insurance

  Compliance & Emerging Technology in Insurance we're going to be talking about emerging  technologies and kind of compliance and   regulation areas that are attached to  that within the insurance industry. But before we get going with the  questions that I've got for you,   can you give everybody an introduction?  Yeah, thank you Ema, nice to see you. So   Brian Casey is my name, I am a partner at  the Locke Lord law firm based in Atlanta   and co-head our corporate and regulatory insurance  practice. Great, thank you for joining me. So to   get us started, I teased the idea of it, but  how are you seeing emerging technologies,   whether it be blockchain or AI or maybe even  simple things like text messages and just the way   the world is changing, how are you seeing those  being used within the insurance industry today?   Yeah, broad topic but important nonetheless. Um  let's start a little more general so before we   get to more modern things like blockchain and  AI.